Sep 05

Most Popular Pokies Online And How To Find Them

By Roman Perez | Casino , Gamble , Pokies

Are you looking for popular pokies online? Do you feel like your luck is running out? Well, do not fear as today we will discuss some of the most amazing pokies you must try out and you will see that they are popular for a reason! Also, I would encourage you to leave us your opinions in the comment section bellow as there might be some interesting pokies we have not heard about. So, tell us about your favorite online pokies games or impressions about these pokies we will discuss in this article today.

Lord Of The Rings Pokies

Energized by the books, and films, the application has my applause for being what it is. The establishment is what you expect from a pokie, design totally amazing and clean cut. In light of present circumstances, I can say that it is more and more captivating as you play. Also, it is to some degree fascinating that the characters don’t appear on rells.

The Only Online Pokie Mate You Need – The Casino Mate

casino-mate-web-mockup-laptopThis isn’t a typical pokie, but nor it should be. The reason why is that it is so powerful. It is also distinctive, fun, and completely amazing! The Casino Mate pokie is guaranteed to keep you to your smartphone and enchanted for an impressive period of time! It is hard to attempt and need to play other pokies once you start playing this one it seems like you should play it for the whatever is left of your life! Some of surprising parts of this shocking pokie are the reels and clearly its wilds. Of you didn’t know a wild will develop your reels for 2, 3, and 4 re-turns! Winning money has never been not so much rewarding or more fun!

7 Sultans Casino

screenshot-big147 Sultans Casino is undeniably a stunning pokie that will guarantee you contribute hours of fun and delight, possibly even get some money as well! Have as an essential concern, all that is required is a few minutes to present this 7 Sultans Casino and it will be advocated, notwithstanding all the inconvenience! Also, the application is absolutely in vain! All experts say this is not an old or out of date as pokie, yet rather a present day vivid 7 Sultans Casino pokie with the design that has never enhanced a pokie look! This pokie guarantees hours of wearisome ecstasy no ifs ands or buts, yet something else as well and that is clearly a generous aggregate of money.

Halloween Fortune


If you have to get a tiny bit alarmed before the Halloween, your most strong choice would be to play Fortune Pokie! Truly it is really charming and not startling by any stretch of the creative energy! Also, you may not probably be outstandingly on edge of gaining money! The shocking Halloween Fortune pokie application and diversion will handle effortlessly up to 100 coins in one and only bet! In a matter of seconds, that is some terrifying stuff I ought to say!

Sep 05

Finding Yet Another Great Mobile Pokie

By Roman Perez | Casino , Gamble , Pokies

Ever since I have started playing pokies I have had the time of my life. In addition to that, I have also managed to earn quite a bit of money. Is it earn or win? Otherwise, you are investing! That is what I tell my wife and family and friends when they ask me. No one needs to know about my little secret, do they? And I enjoy playing pokies way to much to give it up. Also, in my opinion, as long as I am sensible about the investments I should be just fine. Also, if you are on the look out for hottest pokies try these ones out. I have had the amazing luck with them, so might you as well.

By some methods, I have made sense of how to reduce the determination of pokies and there are my top picks of pokies for you to give them a shot! Since, you can win respect with Mobile pokies, there is such an incredible measure of pokies to look over that it can be difficult to commit to one and only pokie application.

Casino Mate

casino_mate_new_lobbyCasino Mate pokie are the reels and wilds – to be particular, wilds develop reels for 2, 3, and 4 re-turns! To be sure, even thought, you won’t have the ability to put your wireless down, you will no doubt secure some money! Casino Mate has some standard address it, and the amusements with regular item have never looked moreover captivating I ought to say! This pokie guarantees hours of joy as you turn the 5-reel 14-payline space machine! Fingers crossed you will similarly win mind boggling sums of money.

7 Sultans Casino


The sprinkles of tones which really impact over your screen will keep you flabbergasted with this unbelievable pokie! Really, in any case, you won’t have any yearning to play diverse pokies! A segment of the best parts of It takes just a few minutes to present the 7 Sultans Casino delight on your Mobile contraption and it will give you hours of fun! This inconceivable application is totally free!

Halloween Fortune

halloween-fortune-slots-4The unnerving Halloween Fortune Pokie should not caution by any stretch of the creative energy! Unless you fear obtaining money, taking all things into account be to a great degree on edge! The fan of the pokies can take a full breath, as this entertainment will successfully deal 100 coins in one and only bet! So it is a real treat, with no of the tricks you may expect! You will basically appreciate this redirection and some of its exceptional and stunning components, for instance, free curves, multipliers, five reels, twenty play lines, and clearly the pumpkin reward – to give a few illustrations. Concerning the pictures, they are in soul of Halloween, which is amazing! Suspect loathsome spirits, skeletons, witches, pumpkins and other Hallow

Sep 05

Winning More And More Every Day By Playing Online Pokies

By Roman Perez | Casino , Gamble , Pokies

There is something else that pulls in me to pokies other than winning money. No, it is not another thought that I will win more than invest, is it? Along these lines, but not so ordinary. I must admit, I have had the good fortunes playing 7 Sultans Casino but also other pokies. Winning poker money has not changed me. I am still my old self, working, being a doting husband and a father, still I have a little secret. I play poker from time to time. If I were to tell my wifey I am certain she would have me in court divorcing, still I would not even regret it, as I have had a marvelous time playing my pokies and would not give them for the world! Also with 7 Sultans Casino I have been winning more and more from day to day. But there are also many other pokies that have provided me with money. If you would like to hear about pokies I play and which have managed to provide me with more than a steady income apart from my day job, read on!


Halloween Fortune Pokie! That is all I have to say as to being able to get more and more money! This is a genuinely captivating, terrifically enchanting pokie I totally esteem and love! It’s not under any condition anything remotely somber or faint about it, and I am far from dreading procuring money! The inconceivable Halloween Fortune pokie can even 100 coins! Have as a top need that it just in one bet! In a matter of seconds, that may scare away a part of the resistance!

Then there’s some crazy Tolkien’s fans who have made a Lord of the Rings Pokie. Absolutely amazing! I must say! I salute you! If you need to watch or read Lord Of The Rings, you will acknowledge playing this surprising Lord Of The The-Lord-of-the-Rings-snapRings pokie application. The LotR pokie is totally amazing and out committed to Lord Of The Rings and it uses all the symbols and stuff from the books and movies, it is simply mind blowing, especially if you are a fan. But all of that is more or less important, what is important is the game itself which is flawless, the reels the bonuses – mind-blowing! Also, I am a fan of the graphics and I really resent low graphics and it can really put me off, well – it is not something that will happen with this game I can assure you. On top of all that, I must say I have had the best of luck with this particular one and I believe that it really brings good luck, so I would recommend it to other people as well. Also, I would recommend it to people with no previous experience in pokies as it is super-simple and understandable.

Sep 05

Things you didn’t know about Online casino technology

By Roman Perez | Casino , Gamble , Pokies

Gambling, online or not, is a really addictive and possibly profitable activity, the thing that attracts all gamblers and beginners is the adrenaline that comes from the possibility to lose everything you have but also the opportunity to earn big. With the development of the technology gambling became easier, and now you don’t even have to leave your house to place a bet or use slot machines, everything can be performed through the Internet. Online casinos and pokies can be a pretty great way to spend your free time and earn some money in the process, and when it comes to tactics you can find numerous articles in which professional gamblers explain how it all works, however here are a few facts you surely didn’t know about online casino technology.

1.Zynga and Big Fish Studio.

141112212457360Have you ever played some of the Facebook’s games? Have you ever played Farmville or Mystery Case Files? If the answer to these question is yes, then you need to know you actually played Zynga and Big Fish studio games. Both Big Fish and Zynga are game developers who recently released online casino games. These apps are available as both mobile phone apps or online browser game. But the reason why we mentioned these two developers isn’t the fact that they developed these games, but the fact that they are working on the newest online casino technology that we have yet to see.



Even though you can say it almost isn’t necessary, online casinos often have casino surveillance. This software observes everything that is going on in the games, waiting for suspicious moves or cheating. Cheating in an online game is almost impossible, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some expert who will try it, that is the reason why each online casino should have a surveillance system. This system records everything and passes the relevant information to the website administrators who then decide whether to remove the player or not.

3.Random Number Generators

images-5Long-time players and gambling experts study algorithms all the time, trying to find the pattern in the casino games, but they still didn’t succeed in their effort, why? The answer is simple, and there is no pattern. Almost every online casino technology uses random number generators which allow online games to be unpredictable, and you can never know for certain if the next combination will be the winning one. Of course, experts can show you a few tips on how to play to prevent losing everything, or get your chances bigger but even they cannot win always.

Even though there is a chance you already knew this, you can’t say these facts aren’t surprising. Now you know there is no chance to cheat online casino technology, and you shouldn’t try it unless you want to be banned. Also, you know you can predict the outcome of the game, so sit back, relax and enjoy playing. If you don’t want to lose your money, then use free-to-play options until you’re ready.

Sep 05

Explaining how progressive online jackpot works

By Roman Perez | Casino , Gamble , Pokies

What do you think about gambling? Do you say it is a hobby or an addiction? Have you ever played any slot machine game? Would you like to win some money that could change your life? Well, I hear people talking about gambling and casinos almost every day. Most of them say that they gamble for entertainment and fun, and they don’t care about money at all. I don’t know if that’s true, but let’s imagine that you play for fun, and you win money at the same time.

mmI’m sure that everybody wants to get some money. Winning it at a casino sounds even more exciting and fun. You can finish a blackjack session, or you can hit a slot for few hundred dollars. Doesn’t all this sound incredible? I think it does, and it’s great that you can do all of this at a casino (either online or not). Whatever that you visit a casino for, you will be, at least once, tempted by those beautiful, colorful, huge displays on the websites of casinos who show the progressive jackpot pokies giving people thousands of dollars.

In this case, we will talk about online casinos and an online progressive jackpot. Many people do not even know what it is. Well, casinos have been attracting customers in different ways for years. Finally, when online casinos became famous, they used the technique which offers progressive payouts to the new players and keeps exciting them in this way (letting them chase after the huge amount of money). Gambling is something that most people watch as pursuing their dream, and this is why casinos always offer so much money that is worth hunting.


There is a simple idea standing behind an online progressive jackpot. A big number of the slot machines (sometimes table games as well) are linked electronically, and whenever somebody makes a bet on any of these machines, a little amount of that bet goes to the separate pot. This means that all the individual devices keep paying out on their tables, but despite this, the online progressive jackpot becomes bigger and bigger as gamers play the machines, until somebody eventually gets that big money they are playing for.

You need to know that the odds are tiny, so the pot reaches high amounts (usually in millions of dollars). The progressive jackpots are most of the time performed by the large companies which manufacture the software for gaming (such as Microgaming) thus run around the world. So, as you may assume, the more people who play on these machines, the bigger the jackpot gets and faster it increases. This is why the progressive slots are the most popular ones in the casinos.

Before you choose your online casino, we would like to help you and recommend you some of the best ones. Top 5 online jackpots are MegaMoolah jackpot, Gladiator Jackpot, Roulette Royal, Beach Life and Funky Fruits. Make sure you consider each one before you choose your winning one.


Sep 05

Pokies for beginners

By Roman Perez | Casino , Gamble , Pokies

Pokie games, a sight to see in every Australian town, are the most popular slot game in the country. You will find them not only in casinos but in practically every pub or hotel or sports club, from the west tip of the country in Perth to Brisbane in the east. The reason the game of pokies is so popular is the fact that this is the only game that can be played for money and not inside the casino. Here we bring you some essential information about pokies which are a need-to-know for pokie beginners.


If you ever visited Australia, there is no way that you have not seen a pokie machine, with its bright lights, loud noises, and colorful exteriors. Many people, however, and not just foreigners to Australia, still do not have the basic information about pokies and do not know how they work or, even worse, how to play and enjoy a good game of pokies.

First of all, it is important to say a few words about the kinds of pokies out there. Today there are many kinds of pokies and the inventor of the first slot machine, Charles Fey from San Francisco, would have a very difficult time to recognize and differentiate all the machines offered today. There are some basic categories all pokies fall into, and we will start with these.

The most well-known classification puts pokies into the three-reel and the 5-reel groups. The 3-reel pokies are the closest descendant of the first slot machines like the famed „Liberty Bell“, and some people still use the name „one-armed bandit“ to describe them. They are simple versions of the five reel slot machines we are now accustomed to seeing in casinos and bars. Some players prefer them, exactly because of their simplicity. Players still love the single pay line which stretches across the screen.So, just like the good all days, to win you need to get three identical symbols across the pay line.

087019-rose-tattoo-pokie-story-316x237-The 5-reel machines are now the standard of the industry. They are much more widespread when compared to the 3-reel machines, and they represent the majority found in both real life casinos and online gambling venues. With 15 symbols appearing on the screen, there are much more combinations to play with, and there are much more combinations with which to form a win. Also, these pokies bring many additional features like wild symbols, free spins, and mini games. The level of entertainment and interactivity is raised to a much higher level with five reel pokies. They appear both as traditional machines, but also in their online, mobile and iphone pokies versions.

There is no way to recommend either of these pokies to a beginner player because it all comes down to personal choice. Maybe, if you prefer simplicity over flashiness, you might go for the three reeled version, and if you prefer interactivity and colorful graphics and animation, you will choose the 5 reeled one. Either way, pokies are a great way to have some fun at the casino!

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